Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Using a Midwife

My sister used a midwife for both her births and I've considered going that route for a while, IF I should ever be so lucky as to get pregnant. I don't know if I'd REALLY have the guts to do it (I consider myself to be a pretty ballsy person but...my sister is like... warrior woman). The thought of giving up all chances of a last minute epidural freaks me out a little (you hear so many women say they were dead set on taking the natural route and then at the last minute they were like, GIMME THE DRUGS!!!!!!!!). In the event that I did feel brave enough to go there, I wanted to save this resource here. It's a website about midwives, and I found this link via the woman who posted the page about her beautiful cervix (she's a midwife). I'd like to use the woman my sister used but she's in another state.


I recently qualified for health insurance, so it is tempting to think, IF I got pregnant I'd rather go the hospital route - just for the painkillers. But the thing I don't like about regular hospitals is - the way traditional western births are set up. It's set up to accomodate the doctors and nurses more than the woman in labor.

When you think about it, it is waaaay more natural to give birth in a squatting position, rather than laying on your back. The only reason women give birth laying on their backs is so that the doctor and nurse can see what's going on, more easily. I mean, I get it, but... I just think it's unnatural to try to squeeze out something so big, when you're laying in a horizontal position. Seems a lot more natural to use GRAVITY. Can you imagine trying to relieve yourself in the bathroom, sitting on your side? Only we're talking about something a whole lot bigger than that.

OK I'm even grossing MYSELF out here. I guess that's my cue to get back to work.

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