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101 Celebrities Who Got Pregnant / Gave Birth / Became Mothers After Age 40

Who says it's just about impossible to have a baby when you're 40 or over??? 40 is the new 30, baby!

If it really was *that* hard to get pregnant after 40, I can't imagine I would have been able to find over 100 celebrities who did it! And no, I do not believe they all had to go see fertility doctors. I got pregnant at 43 and never saw a fertility doctor once. If you take good care of yourself, take the right supplements, get enough exercise, eat the right foods, keep a positive attitude, and are able to fix or rule out medical issues... you can get pregnant! And by the way there are ways you can fix a lot of infertility issues... including blocked tubes! (I'm going to do a post about that).

In the last 5 years of TTC it's always been inspiring and fun for me to see lists of well-known women who have given birth in their 40's. Many of the lists I've seen would just feature about 10 people at a time, but I wanted a more complete list (and one that was sorted by age!). I tried to include as many Over-40 Mommies as I could find. Please note that the ages and info were compiled via information from Wikipedia and other common internet resources, so... I realize a few items could stand to be corrected, but to my knowledge it's pretty accurate.

Hopefully this list will inspire you. When I look at it, I think, "Wow... that's a lot of Moms over 40!" So don't give up hope! If you think of yourself as capable, young, and healthy, and you are taking great care of yourself, eating healthy, doing what you can to improve your egg health (see related post here) and you're still menstruating... there's a good chance you can still get pregnant!

In cases where I read an article or quote by the celebrity, that they had used IVF or a surrogate, I noted it. However, I realize many more of the women on this list could have had assistance with their pregnancies. If they choose to keep it private, that's their business. But it is nice to see women who are really honest about getting help! I have also included a few mothers who have chosen to adopt (in these cases I have noted it also). Good for these women for not letting anything stop them from becoming a Mom! : )

Here's the list... the age will usually represent the woman's age (to my knowledge) when they gave birth (in cases where they weren't new mommies, this is their age when they gave birth to their youngest child), or became a mom via surrogate or adoption. In some cases (like Molly Sims) I am listing celebrities who are pregnant and due to give birth. Again - If it was a known adoption or surrogacy, I will note it next to their name / age. I listed a couple of women twice (like Halle Berry... because she gave birth twice over the age of 40) but there are still 101 different celebrities on this list.

The list just keeps growing... the last time I posted this, there were 80 celebrities. I just added 21 more. I know the list will just continue to grow, but I thnk 101 is a pretty good number for now : )


 Emma Thompson - Actress, 40

Helen Hunt - Actress, 40

Jackie Brambles- TV Presenter, 40

Kelly Rutherford - Actress, 40

Gena Rowlands - Actress, 40

Jennifer Connelly - Actress, 40

Eva Mendes - Actress, 40

Jenna Fischer - Actress, 40

Yolanda Adams - Gospel singer, 40

Ulrika Jonsson - TV Presenter, 40

Katharine Ross - Actress, 40

Nia Long - Actress, 40

Audrey Hepburn - Actress, 40

Amanda Holden - Actress, TV Presenter, 40

Naomi Watts - Actress, 40            

Mary Louise Parker - Actress, 40


Annette Bening -Actress, 41

Thandie Newton - Actress, 41

Tina Fey - Actress and Comedienne, 41

Brooke Shields - Actress, 41

Helena Bonham Carter - Actress, 41

Alfre Woodard - Actress, 41

Carrie Grant - Vocal coach, 41

Courteney Cox - Actress, 41

Mo'Nique - Comedienne / Actress, 41

Garcelle Beauvais - Actress, 41

Halle Berry - Actress, 41

Jennifer Beals - Actress, 41

Jerry Hall - Supermodel, 41

Holly Robinson Peete - Actress, 41

Julianne Moore - Actress, 41

Kate Silverton - Journalist, 41

Pauletta Washington - Actress, 41

Madonna - Singer, 41

Mariah Carey - Singer, 41

Molly Sims - Model / Actress, 41

Mariella Frostrup - TV Presenter, 41

Meryl Streep - Actress, 41

Nicole Kidman - Actress, 41

Salma Hayek - Actress, 41

Molly Ringwald - Actress, 41

Mira Sorvino - Actress, 41

Kim Basinger - Actress, 41

Alyssa Milano - Actress, 41

Maya Rudolph - Actress, 41


Celine Dion - Singer, 42
Diana Krall Musician - Singer, 42

Jane Krakowski - Actress, 42

Mariska Hargitay - Actress, 42

Laurie Brett - Actress (Scottish), 42

Uma Thurman - Actress, 42          

Rachel Zoe - Celebrity Stylist / Designer, 42

Savannah Guthrie - TV News Anchor, 42


Caroline Quentin - Actress, 43

Carla Bruni - Italian / French Singer / Model, 43

Amanda Peet - Actress, 43

Michelle Duggar - Reality TV Mom, 43 

Christie Brinkley - Supermodel, 44

Gwen Stefani - Singer, 44

Iman - Supermodel, 44

Jane Seymour - Actress, 44

Sarah Jessica Parker - Actress, 44 (Twins via surrogate - also had a previous daughter)

Caroline Rhea, Comedienne, 44                  

Lisa Hartman-Black - Actress, 44

Marcia Cross - Actress, 44

Mira Sorvino (again!) - Actress, 44
Marcia Gay Harden - Actress, 44

Ursula Andress - Actress, 44

Diana Ross - Singer, 44

Meera Syal - Actress, 44

Sharron Davies - Olympic Swimmer, 44

Sarah Palin - Politician, 44

Kim Fields - Actress, 44                    
Sian Williams - TV Presenter (BBC), 44

Lisa Loeb - Singer, 44

Julia Bradbury - British TV Presenter, 44

Kathryn Morris - Actress, 44


Cherie Booth (Blair) - British Barrister (Wife of Tony Blair), 45

Mimi Rogers - Actress, 45

Nancy Wilson - Rock Musician, 45 (via surrogate)

Patricia Hodge - Actress, 45

Mary Stuart Masterson - Actress, 45

Monica Bellucci - Italian Actress and Fashion Model, 45


Sara Edwards - TV Presenter (BBC), 46

Deborah Thomas - Celebrity Apprentice Advisor, 46

Susan Sarandon - Actress, 46

Halle Berry - Actress, 46 (pregnant AGAIN!)
Viola Davis - Actress, 46 (Adopted)

Kristin Davis - Actress, 46 (Adopted)


Arlene Phillips - Choreographer, 47

Angela Bassett - Actress, 47

Holly Hunter - Actress, 47

Jane Kaczmarek - Actress, 47      

Geena Davis - Actress, 48

Kelly Preston - Actress, 48

Helen Fielding - Writer, 48

Nancy Grace - CNN Anchor, 48


Laura Linney - Actress, 49
Beverly D'Angelo Actress, 49 (via IVF)

Sonia Kruger - TV Host, 49


Elizabeth Edwards - Attorney, Author, Healthcare Activist, 50 (IVF)

  Janet Jackson! You go, girl. By the way, she has the same water machine I've been raving about : )


Cheryl Tiegs - Supermodel, 52 (surrogate)


Joan Lunden - Newscaster, 54 (surrogate)    

If you find any errors in this list, please feel free to email me the correct info at (I just ask that you include a link to your reference!)  Also, if you'd like to suggest a celebrity I've left out, please let me know!

Thanks, and good luck and baby dust to all you TTC'ers!


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