Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If you have Mittelschmerz and are TTC, when is the best time to have Sex?

I've often wondered just how soon after I experience mitttelschmerz, should I have sex? I just felt it on Sunday morning, and it was obvious.  I get a sharp twinge that is almost always on my left side, somewhere between the 9th and 14th day of my cycle (usually around day 9 or 10). The pain is not really bad - just a familiar sharp twinge that I might consider painful or worrisome, if it weren't for the fact that, knowing I'm ovulating makes me enjoy the feeling.

I felt mittelschmerz at around 6:00 in the morning on Sunday, just before I went out running with a friend of mine. Took an ovulation test but it was negative. True, it could be that I drank soooo much liquid the night before, that maybe my pee was diluted. I took one again today but the second line didn't show up. However, I do have a good amount of cervical mucus. It could be because I took 3 fertile CM pills yesterday, but I'm not sure. Since I did a lot of jogging, I can't help wondering, does that make the egg come out of you faster, because you're bouncing around so much? Like whacking a bottle of ketchup. The more you whack it, the faster the ketchup comes out. If you didn't whack it at all (or at least, tap it from the side), nothing would come out.

They say the egg only survives 24 hours, and if I ran several miles right after I felt the mittleschmerz, then my guess is, my most recent egg is probably long gone by now. I looked at another site, that said an egg can survive for 48 hours. Which could mean that if I have sex by 6:00 tomorrow morning I could be good to go. But I should probably try to do it now.

The last time I had sex (while I think I was ovulating) was on Friday. I did kind of feel like I might be ovulating then, but it was only day 8 of my cycle. My cervix felt high and soft, and when we did have sex, it was the first time in a  long time. I used lots of pre-seed, with a diaphragm afterwards, had my butt on a pillow, took fertile CM. But I don't think I drank any Fertili Tea or took any Oil of Evening Primrose. I drank a good amount of water, I think. And I have been drinking Visalus shakes, with maca and the pumpkinseed / flax mixture.

I checked my cervical position about an hour ago, and it's definitely low and closed. My 3rd ovulation test tells me I am NOT ovulating. But I had sex anyway. I also had sex yesterday (Monday morning). So I don't know what to think. Supposedly it's best to have sex 2-3 days before you ovulate, and if that's the case, then maybe I could have gotten lucky when I had sex on Friday evening - about a day and a half before I felt the mittleschmerz.

On Friday when I took the diaphragm out, the morning after having sex, there was a small amount of blood, like I tend to get when I ovulate. So maybe I did ovulate. I used a good amount of PreSeed in the diaphragm.

I just wonder how well my husband's "swimmers" are able to survive and also "hang on" if I'm out running. It gets so confusing, trying to analyze it all. I sometimes feel like I need to just go back to not thinking about it, and focus on training for a marathon again. That seemed to help me that last time!

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