Friday, October 24, 2008

Chiropractic Treatment and Fertility

About a year and a half ago I went to see a chiropractor for a free consultation, as my lower back had been bothering me for about a year. He just happened to mention that he's helped several women become pregnant. One of his patients in particular had been trying for FOURTEEN years and was unable to conceive - but shortly after his treatments - BAM.

In his office, he had this diagram / machine on his wall that showed how your spine is related to all the other parts of your body. It would make sense that if the part of your spine that is connected to your ovaries is damaged, and your nerves and blood flow are out of whack in that area, then you might have difficulty in either conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. He showed me a photo of my spine and my lower back looks like I was in an accident. The lower disks are kind of smushed together. I actually cried when i saw this because I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to have a baby, but he said he thinks my chances would improve a lot with treatment. I've never been in a serious car accident so I don't know how my spine got to be like that. All I can think of is that it got damaged in the 3 times in my life I've fallen hard on my tailbone - the last time being when I was learning how to snowboard and fell so hard on the hard ice (which was like concrete) it knocked the wind out of me and I literally crawled into a bush nearby and cried, it hurt so bad.

I'm getting medical insurance in about a week (first time in about 10 years) and am planning to go back to see him for a treatment. He also said that he can show your partner how to do a treatment on you, so I'll have to try to sweet talk my boyfriend into coming in with me. Will let you know how it goes!

In the meantime, here are some related videos. I'm happy to see these on youtube because I searched the net about a year ago and couldn't find anything! Finally, the word is getting out!

One more thing I'm thinking of trying is the Back 2 Life back machine. For anyone who hasn't seen the infomercial, it sounds pretty promising, and I'm thinking it could help me fix my squished vertebrae. Basically, it's been shown that "continuous passive motion" can be the key to healing your back and re-aligning your spine (I even remember the chiropractor saying something about how his treatments would be very gentle, but they're very effective). I'm thinking that buying one of these machines could actually cost me less in the long run than seeing a chiropractor, and I can even let my friends and family try it out. You can do a payment plan of about $40 a month for 5 months.

When I started to develop lower back pain, one of my first thoughts was, damn. How am I going to deal with having a kid? Half the fun for me would be getting to pick the kid up and carry them around, go walking in a power stroller, etc.. but lower back pain would take most of the fun out of that. So this could really help in a lot of different ways.

To view the infomercial, look here (I'd embed a video but can't find it on youtube):

Here's an explanation of what it does and why it works so well:

And lastly (I'm adding this months later), this is just an interesting webpage I found - it teaches chiropracters how to keep babies to turn from the breech position. Interesting stuff.

This is a woman who said the Dr. who teaches this technique had actually helped her to turn her baby from the breech position at 37 weeks.

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