Friday, October 24, 2008

These Fertility Statues have helped Women get Pregnant - Believe it or Not!

UPDATE MARCH 09: THE FERTILITY STATUES ARE SCHEDULED TO BE ON TOUR AT THE SAN FRANCISCO RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT MUSEUM IN APRIL OF 2009!!! See their site for more details on admission etc. (and you can even print out a coupon - woohoo).

I know it must sound crazy, but a friend of mine worked at the Ripley's Believe it Or Not museum in San Francisco over 10 years ago, and became pregnant when they had the fertility statues on display. She told me - I kid you not - that several of her co-workers also became pregnant while they had 'em there (by the way, I'm not referring to the women in the ORLANDO headquarters as in the video below - my friend was working at an actual Ripleys museum). Now I'm a believer. My friend has had lots of babies since then. Check out this video:

I heard they're located in Florida now, at the home base in Orlando (last time I read about them on the net I heard they'd been "retired" there). A friend of mine just moved there... I think it might be time to take a little trip to visit her! : ). For years I've joked about how, "One day if I can't get pregnant I'm going to go find those statues and touch them." The time has come.

Here's an article on the statues:

Note: I just called the Ripley's Museum in San Francisco and asked if they might happen to have the statues back on tour. The guy who answered the phone said they're on tour right now, and I could call the Orlando office to find out exactly where they are. For anyone who wants the number, it's 407-345-8010.

UPDATE: Okay I just found out by looking online: They're in New York for a few months. You can read the article here:

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