Friday, October 24, 2008

Why does Cervical Mucus have to be so Hostile??

For some reason it cracks me up to hear the term "hostile cervical mucus."

I guess because of the word "mucus" being so much like "mucinex," I sometimes (when I'm not well hydrated) picture a cartoon character that looks quite a bit like the green nasty looking character in the mucinex commercials, lurking around in my cervix, beating up the sperm as they try to get closer to my egg.

They say (as I'm sure you've heard) that good quality, "thin" cervical mucus is ideal for sperm because it helps them swim more freely to their destination. And if your mucus is thick - especially if you're dehydrated, it's not good. I know I can be really bad about staying hydrated - and staying away from coffee - so my mucus may be less than optimum.

Mucinex is supposed to help thin out your cervical mucus (as well as the phlegm in your throat when you have a bad cold). So hopefully if I take the stuff (and drink a lot of water) it will help kick some Hostile Mucus Ass!

This article may give a more accurate description of what Hostile Mucus is:

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