Friday, October 24, 2008

Eating Right to Boost Fertility

A few weeks ago I decided to load up on Healthy food from Costco, as the McDonald's daily drive thru just didn't seem to be cutting it.

I bought tons of salad, tomatoes, granola bars, beans, whole grain cereal, soy milk, organic soups and chili (Amy's Organic Chili RRRRROCKS by the way - I love it how she doesn't list it as a "vegetarian" food - it tastes so good, why bother???).

I've been feeling pretty good since I started eating healthier and started taking my vitamins / pills on a regular basis - which include a prenatal vitamin, Flaxseed oil, and 75 mg (in 3 25 mg. doses) of DHEA. I have to keep this stuff in a pill minder and refill it every week but keeping it by the coffee table in front of the TV (which is where I always eat my salad since it takes 20 minutes) seems to help.

Eating right is also helping me save money - handy while I'm between jobs. No more McDonald's trash sitting in my car either.

Here's a nice video (I kept surfing on youtube after I found the fertility statues' video) about eating healthy to increase fertility. Compliments of Enjoy!

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