Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fertili-Tea cured my Athlete's Foot!

I just had to share this. I swear to God, Fertili-tea cured my athlete's foot.

I've struggled on and off with a nasty case of athlete's foot since I was about 27. It happened when I biked to work and didn't use slippers when I used the company "locker room" shower. I couldn't figure out why my foot was so itchy all of a sudden, and then my boyfriend broke the news to me: I had athlete's foot.

I've tried different creams and sprays over the years, and it just seemed to keep coming back. I should mention here, though, that it does seem to get worse when I ingest too much sugar and/or yeast... like donuts.

But I discovered - by accident (as is usually the case for my best discoveries) - that Fertili-Tea - the tea you drink to improve your fertility - made my athlete's foot practically VANISH.

I noticed this about a year ago, when I was working as a receptionist and got in the habit of making a large thermos filled with FertiliTea every afternoon. Sometimes I would even drink the leaves. I did this every day for a couple of months, and then one day I noticed... hey wait a minute... that nagging itchy foot problem isn't there anymore!

The only thing I could think of, that could have done it, was the Fertili-Tea.

A few months ago I noticed the Athlete's foot was back. So I started drinking my FertiliTea again (I'd stopped for a long time), for about a week, and sure enough - the Athlete's foot is now gone.

Who would have thought that the best cure for athlete's foot would be to drink Fertili Tea! I have no idea what the ingredient is, that cured it (there are several, including red raspberry leaf and peppermint). I'm assuming not a lot of dudes would want to drink the stuff. But I swear to you, it worked great for me!!!

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