Monday, December 24, 2012


I might have been dreaming this one, but... last night, in the middle of the night, I woke up suddenly when my husband was scratching his foot. He was scratching it so hard, the bed was shaking.

Normally this might just wake me up and I'd go right back to sleep, no big deal.  But this morning, it made me feel nauseous, as if I suddenly felt motion sickness. My head actually felt cold - as if the blood had just drained right out of it. I didn't really feel like I was going to barf, probably because I was only half awake and was able to fall back asleep fairly quickly, but that feeling of motion sickness was definitely familiar.

When I was on birth control pills - Ortho TriCyclen - on and off from about age 26 to about age 35 - I felt a good amount of motion sickness.  I'd never gotten motion sickness before, but suddenly I felt it pretty regularly. In cars driving on winding roads, on boats, on buses that swerved around too much... one time I had to get off the bus and throw up in a trash can. It was a lot like being pregnant, only you weren't. I figured it was the increase in hormones in your system. Ortho Novum 777 never did that to me, but BOY did Ortho TriCyclen.

Anyway, I'm not quite ready to take a pregnancy test. I'm going to wait at least until tomorrow - Christmas - to take one - and might wait even longer. If it would be negative, I don't want to feel disappointed on Christmas. But if I get another wave of nausea or some other really strong signal - I'll probably go ahead and take it!

By the way, I do plan on asking the hubby if he really was scratching his foot or shaking the bed somehow in his sleep. There is a chance he won't remember, though, so it may not even be worth it to ask him. But I do know this... what I felt was definitely nausea - whether it was a dream or not! I'm pretty sure it was real, because I remember it had woken me up from a dream.

More later. TTFN,


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