Monday, December 24, 2012

REALLY white discharge... a sign of pregnancy?

I just went to the bathroom and when I looked at my undies I literally said "Whoah." The discharge on them was really, really white. Usually it's not very thick and maybe kind of white but not all that white. But this evening, it was a lot thicker. Didn't smell bad or anything, it was just really noticeable.

I've been trying to wear dark colored undies lately (today they were red) because I have been wanting to keep track of what my discharge looks like. The last time I had that kind of thick white discharge, was when I got pregnant almost a year ago. The last time before that was in my 20's, when I just had a lot more hormones raging through my system, and I just had a lot more discharge in general.

For several months, I've been looking at my undies, hoping to see some kind of thick white discharge, this is the first time I saw it. But I am still scared to take a pregnancy test, because it's Christmas Eve and I don't want to be disappointed. And I don't want to be disappointed on Christmas day either. But I may end up giving in! It would be a pretty cool Christmas gift to find out I'm pregnant. But... again... it would really suck to get a negative test on Christmas!

I am having a little bit of pain down there right now, and I can't tell if it's coming from my ovaries or a fallopian tube or what. I'm just going to hope and assume it is my ovaries being overactive this month.

Whatever the case, I am happy and grateful to have just seen that white milky discharge on my underpants. Whatever it means. It definitely made me feel happy to see it : )


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