Monday, February 22, 2010

My new routine, including supplements

I got laid off in early November, and on the positive side my diet has been WAY better, now that I'm not surrounded by all the candy and soda that was in full stock at the company I worked for.

I try to eat a big salad every day. I TRY to have this healthy 12 grain breakfast (mentioned in the last post) on a more regular basis now. And I take a good amount of supplements almost every day.

It definitely helps to keep them in a pill minder, that way I don't have to keep unscrewing bottles and I can keep track of how good I've been doing during the week. I try to take the fat-soluble vitamins (eg vitamin D) when I have some fat (eg. milk or pizza, which is not a usual thing), and then the garlic and prenatal with dinner or when I have a big salad. I try to take the antioxidants in the morning.

The supplements include:

-Vitamin D (I heard it helps you absorb 3 times more calcium!). I started taking it because I was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and was pleasantly surprised I had a HUGE reduction in back pain after taking vitamin D. Actually I think the one I am taking may be Vitamin D3. I got it at Costco. The pills are super tiny, like 1/2 the size of a typical vitamin E pill. They're 2000 mg and I take 1 or 2 a day. I think it also helped me quite a bit with the seasonal affective disorder.

On another note, ladies: Vitamin D has been shown to help women undergoing IVF treatment! Check out this article:

-Prenatal Vitamin from Costco. They're these big red pills - like a liquid / gel pill. I really like these. On the downside, they make my hair grow so friggin fast I have to keep coloring it (I know, you're not supposed to color your hair but I can't help it, I may have to go childless if that's the case).

-Pycnogenol. I heard this can really help women who have endometriosis. I started taking this before it was determined that I don't have it, but it's a really good antioxidant so I keep taking it anyway. You can read the endometriosis article here by the way: and here's one more:

-Resveratrol, from Costco, 1 pill

-SOMETIMES I take some ACAI (a friend gave me a bottle)

-Multiple B Vitamin.

-Odorless garlic tab from Nature Made.

-CoEnzyme Q10. I don't always take these, just if I've eaten enough during the day and feel like it. I feel like I'm taking so many things I don't want to overdo it.

-Folic acid. It's a tiny little brown pill (just found one the cats chewed up, on the ground). I think it smells like fish oil. Anyway there is folic acid in the prenatal vitamins but I take an extra one of these for the hell of it.

-Vitamin C. I am on the fence about taking this, as I think it helps keep me healthy but at the same time, having an acidic environment "down there" kills sperm. So I kind of stopped taking these. I do try to drink extra milk around ovulation time because I heard it makes your body more alkaline, which is more favorable for sperm.

- Evening oil of primrose (a really big tablet)
- Mucus relief tablets
- Fertile CM (it's pricey so I save it and only take it between about day 10 of my cycle and day 20.

I TRY to drink 2 pots of tea a day but that doesn't always happen. It does help if I make it at night in the coffee pot, let it cool down by morning and pour it into my favorite bottle (an alhambra 33.8 oz. water bottle... go figure why it's 33.08 instead of like 32 but whatever). I've heard it's not great to drink out of those bottles (because of the plastic residue... BHT? BBT? shoot I forget the proper name) but I'm praying it's still doing at least SOMETHING good.

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