Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OK I confess, I went ahead and took a pregnancy test...

Who was I kidding, that I'd be able to wait another five days to take a test?? LOL!

Well, it was negative. Not even the SLIGHTEST trace of pink on the "second line." That's what I get for letting myself obsess over it!  But I can't say I blame myself. Something weird IS going on with my body... maybe it's just from the FertilPlus, but... I don't remember my boobs feeling this big, or sore, when I took the stuff before. It's true, I do remember going running with some girl friends after taking the supplements, and thought, "ow."  Like they hurt a little more than usual. But... they feel like freekin water balloons right now. And it hurts of something brushes against them or my husband touches them in the wrong way.  I also have that weird discharge thing going on, plus the back pain and OMG the fatigue. I don't get it. I am eating soooo healthy right now (AND exercising) so I feel like, the last thing I should feel is fatigue. 

Well, the last time when I took a pregnancy test, I didn't really notice symptoms (that I remember or took notes on) till almost 30 days after my period started. So if that's the case with me, I have another 4 days to go.  It's just that... when i took the test, 30 days into my cycle, that second line on the pregnancy test got SO red, so dark, so fast... you'd think that if I were feeling this many symptoms at this point, I'd at least see SOME kind of line... even if it's really light pink?  But... no dice.

Ah, well. Like I said, if it doesn't happen this month, at least I feel good about being able to keep up with the health kick I'm on. I'm eating a TON of vegetables, and taking my vitamins regularly... including extra CoQ10, to improve the quality of my eggs. I'd been slacking there for a while. I actually misplaced my "pill minder" and used that as a bad excuse to not take my supplements regularly (although I kept up with the Visalus Vi-Pak most days, I didn't take many additional things I normally would, like extra Vitamin D, folate, CoQ10, or garlic). 

If I'm going to have a kid, I want it to be the healthiest kid possible. So I'm going to do my best to go all out, to improve my health over the next few months. It's now or never, baby!

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