Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aunty Flo just came to visit today...

... But I had a feeling it was going to happen, and like last month, I am not too disappointed. Note: It's funny how my period has come on the same exact day of the month (the 27th), for the last 3 months. Usually it's at least a day or two off, and more often than not, it will arrive on a Sunday. Or, as I've told my husband, if there's some important event on a Friday or Saturday - like if my husband's office party is that day and we've rented a nice hotel room - my period will somehow choose that day to randomly show up and say "Surprise!!!"  Call it the Murphy's Law of Menstruation.

Anyway... I was somewhat relieved to get my period today. And it's definitely not that I don't want to get pregnant at all, but I think it would be most ideal to wait just one more month to get pregnant, if possible. I had been slacking a little on taking my supplements regularly, for stupid reasons (like misplacing my pill minder).  Although I did keep taking my Visalus vitamins pretty regularly, so hopefully that has me covered at least somewhat.

I want my eggs to be as healthy as they possibly can be, and it would be ideal if I could know that I've spent at least THREE months, taking excellent care of my health and improving the quality of my eggs (one month to go!). For the last 2 months I have been taking better care of my health than ever...  eating more whole foods than ever, and exercising. I've been taking Fertil Plus again (I think I started up again in September), and taking good amounts of CoQ10 to help improve the quality of my eggs, plus extra Vitamin D, Folic acid, maca powder, pumpkin seed and flaxseed.

As for the hubby, he's been taking Visalus vitamins, drinking 3 Visalus shakes per day, and also, for the first time in his life, he's been eating vegetables. AND he's also getting extra CoQ10 and Maca. He's looking better and healthier than ever, so I do have hope.

Yes, I do realize, this isn't the time to be slacking. I realize, beggars can't be too choosey. I realize I must sound completely crazy, being 44 years old and saying, "this just isn't the ideal time... I think I'll wait." But I'm just talking about one more month. I've heard you and your partner should ideally spend at least 3 months, being healthy, before conception. So I'm just doing what I can. I'd rather feel really good about the eggs I'm producing, and the sperm my husband is producing, than get pregnant and worry for 9 months about the fact that maybe we're dealing with damaged sperm and eggs. True, you never know what's going to happen. I know, there is no way you can predict or control the outcome. But you can always do your best, and have hope!

And if for some reason it doesn't happen in the next few months... articles like this one give me even more hope ; ).


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