Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Women who Gave Birth Over the Age of 40 (Not Celebrities)

I just thought it might be inspirational to see some stories of women (on one page) who gave birth in their 40's. I'm thinking 45 may be my cutoff point to keep trying, but these videos do give me hope that I can get it done! : )

I'm sad that I wasn't able to find the rest of this episode (of Ricki Lake) on YouTube. It featured a woman who was pregnant at 45. Would have loved to see the rest of it! But I thought at least this clip would give some women hope... that's what it did for me! : )

This video features women who were 57, 58 and 70, when they conceived / gave birth:

The woman in this video below caused a huge firestorm with her pregancy. In my opinion, it's everyone's personal choice whether they want to have children at a later age.

Also, I didn't see a lot of videos on youtube showing Nancy Grace (who gave birth at 48) talking about her pregnancy, but here is one below, and you can read an article here:  http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/family/celebrity-interviews/nancy-grace-miracle-babies

She did say in the article that it's hard on your body to do it in your 40's... but she sure looks happy being a mom!

Also... I decided to make a visual list of celebrities who became mothers in their 40's. The list is sorted by age, and  you can see it here.

Oh and just for yuks... here is a list of some older fathers (celebrities)... thought it was worth sharing too!




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