Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taking a break... sort of...

My ovulation cycle is totally out of whack. I'm not sure why it is that I'll ovulate on day 28 of one cycle, then day 9 on the next cycle. But that's just what happened this month. I ovulated on day 9. The day my stepkids were over - which happened to be the WORST possible time to "get the job done" because we weren't going to see them for 2 weeks and we wound up staying up so late with them that me and my husband were way to exhausted to take our clothes off. It just kills me too, because I was producing soooo much cervical fluid that day. That was how I knew I was ovulating. I stopped taking my temperature a few months ago, but it was pretty obvious that I was ovulating when I saw how wet I was every time I went to the ladies room. My cervical position was high and soft. And I got a positive line on the ovulation test strip.

But I like to think it may not have been a viable (wasted) egg, because I didn't experience other ovulation signs, like pain with ovulation. I also couldn't feel that huge bump I would sometimes get when I ovulate. I got that about a week later. And it was so unusually early for me to be ovulating. Yes. I know. I'm probably kidding myself.

Whatever the case, due to a huge mound of financial stress I've been under lately, I've been putting this baby thing on hold (for NOW). Or maybe I should say, I've been taking a less active approach to getting knocked up. It's not like I'm trying NOT to have a baby, but I'm definitely not doing everything I could to make it happen. I realize that being 41 isn't the best time to put something like this off. But I've started a new career that won't be profitable for a few months, and until I have money coming in, I feel like I just don't have the brainspace to devote too much time to my fertility right now. My husband would freak out if I announced I was pregnant right now. Plus I have so much work to do, I've been drinking coffee, which I heard is like liquid birth control for women in my age range. It's definitely scary for me to keep putting it off, but I have to hold onto the hope that things will somehow work out for the best, in the long run!

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