Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DHEA - A hormone that can rejuvenate egg production!

About a year ago, my aunt (who went through several In Vitro sessions and spent about $75,000 in the process) gave me a great tip for older women who are trying to get pregnant.

This invaluable bit of advice came from a woman who works at my aunt's elementary school. She and my aunt struck up a friendship, and this woman told my aunt that she was going through IVF treatment. Early in the treatment, she wasn't producing "good quality" eggs, which you really need in order to have a successful treatment / pregnancy (makes sense). But then she started taking DHEA and she was producing a lot more eggs. She even got to look into the microscope and could see that she had a lot more "follicles" (which release the egg) after taking the DHEA. I thought this was so interesting!

Anyway, I've done some research on it and there's a lot of info about it, but one of the best things I've seen on the net was this video on CBS's early show. You can read all you want on the net, but a picture (or should I say video) of a healthy baby is worth a thousand words! (Note - sorry you do have to watch a commercial they put at the beginning but it's worth it).

Watch CBS Videos Online

This is a discussion about it, from women who've tried it: http://hongkong.asiaxpat.com/forums/pregnancy-fertility/threads/121525/lower-fsh-increase-egg-with-dhea/

You can also download the reports (related to the video above) by clicking these links:



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