Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miracle Ingredient that helps sperm survive!

Okay pardon the hype but I am totally fascinated by some of the research Dr. Joanna Ellington has done on sperm.

Dr. Ellington is the maker of "Pre-Seed" (which you've probably heard of if you've been trying to conceive any longer than a month and have visited other fertility websites). I've heard about this stuff for years, but didn't have any clue as to WHY it worked so well. Recently I was reading Dr. E's blog and found out.

Last year she did an entry, explaining how she decided to use "arabinogalactan" (took me a while to get that spelling right), aka. "larch tree extract." Apparently, one of her colleagues' fathers used to study the stuff so her friend suggested it. Talk about a great tip!!!!! Dr. E found out that this stuff helped the sperm survive way past the normal time it would live in a petri dish. Interesting note: arabinogalactan is also one of the active "ingredients" in echinacea.

I was happy to see that they came out with "Pre" because I think it's more convenient and eco-friendly to have everything in one tube, rather than to use a bunch of little "one application" tubes (if you're like me, you can't stand to waste stuff and will find yourself trying to squeeze every little last bit out of the tube, or trying to use it again later after it's been opened, even if you're not really "supposed to"). At first, Pre' didn't have as much arabinogalactan as pre-seed, but they decided to add more to it (I could swear I heard they now have the same amount). I've still heard that Pre-Seed is the "better one" to use if you're trying to get pregnant but it's more expensive. What I'm thinking is, because I'm on a budget, it might be best to use Pre' for "everyday" (well... maybe not EVERY day) use but you know what I mean, and then Pre-Seed for times when you KNOW you are ovulating.

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