Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drinking adequate water can help prevent miscarriage (Update: Drinking the RIGHT KIND of Water can REALLY HELP!!!)

I am just posting this again because I think it's important. When I read my own blog, it kind of looks like the end of the page is the end of the whole blog, and you can miss stuff that's been posted earlier (like the post and video on DHEA). I just read this (added it to an older post after I read it but I didn't want it to get lost). I think this is really important - I'd never heard this before:

"Dehydration is the number one cause of preterm labor. When the body is dehydrated the uterus begins contracting, which leads to labor and premature birth."

I'd never heard that before!!

If you'd like to see the full article just click on the blog post about HYDRATING YOURSELF (to the left of this page) or click here:

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