Friday, July 3, 2009

Positive Testimonials

I'm currently taking fertility supplements and realized it's so easy to get distracted by new things, but I need to keep focusing on one course of treatment at a time. I have barely been taking FertilAid and Fertile CM and drinking the Fertili Tea, and have already let myself think, well it must not be working so I'm going to try something else. It's crazy how easily I can get distracted and let to try the new thing when I barely even gave the first thing a chance (it's hard not to when you have friends who are a lot younger than you, getting pregnant with barely any effort at all).

It reminds me a lot of when I was dieting in my 20's. I got caught up in the whole process of trying new things and focusing on what was WRONG, rather than focusing on what I was supposed to be doing - putting foods that I felt good about, into my mouth! I need to focus on what is truly important - being healthy. For me and whatever potential baby I might bring into the world. And that means taking supplements REGULARLY, drinking lots of water, and eating healthy. In my experience with weight loss, I found that the thing that was preventing me from achieving it was all my anxiety around it. I was focusing on the wrong things. God tends not to give you the best things in life, when you do them for the wrong reasons. So I need to continue to think fertile thoughts, and keep doing what is good for my body.

I think it's also important to psyche myself out to be prepared for this to take months to work, and know what I will do if it doesn't work. If I use all these products regularly for 4 months and it doesn't work, then I'll try not using fertil aid and see if that works (i could be one of these women who should NOT use the stuff). If that doesn't work, I'll try Fertil Plus. And if that doesn't work after 4 months, I'll try that herbalist I mentioned a post or two ago. And if that doesn't work I would consider IVF or adoption if I could afford it. If not, I would look into becoming a foster parent.

Anyway, to encourage myself, I'm adding links for the testimonial pages, of the stuff I'm taking, that I really like and would recommend to others:

Fertil Aid: Fertil Aid:

Fertile CM:

Fertili Tea:


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