Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pycnogenol improves sperm quality AND helps with endometriosis!

I just had to share these articles that give me hope.

A few months ago I ordered Pycnogenol and CoEnzyme Q10 and started taking it every day. Well, for whatever reason, I no longer have pain with orgasms. Seriously. I couldn't believe it when, last month, RIGHT before my period, I had an orgasm that had NO PAIN.

That NEVER happens if I'm right before my period.  It's true, the Visalus vitamins definitely helped me take away the pain DURING my period (if I'm good about taking them every day, I have absolutely NO PAIN). But I would still get the pain DURING an orgasm, if I had one.

So, I'm not sure if it's the CoEnzyme Q10 or the Pycnogenol  (I'm guessing it's the Pycnogenol) that took away the pain, or if it's because I had a miscarriage and that could have "washed out" any sort of buildup that could have been causing the pain, but... I just wanted to share my experience.

Here are the articles I read. Enjoy!

How Pycnogenol helps with Endometriosis:

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