Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh yeah.... I'm ovulating. Big time.

I got my period on September 16th, so today is day 10 of my cycle.  I figured I was probably ovulating because yesterday (day 9 of my cycle) I went to use the ladies' room at Costco and there was a HUGE glob of eggwhite cervical mucus on the toilet paper (ironically I was in the same stall where I took a pregnancy test that confirmed I was pregnant about 4 years ago... what's with me and Costco)?

I can always tell when I'm ovulating because I start to smell different during that time. it's like the cervical mucus has a different scent... and it's one I've grown to appreciate. My husband has commented that he loves that smell. It's funny, he can be such a sweet and sensitive guy, I remember thinking a bunch of times when I first met him, this guy is too good not to be gay. My first boyfriend turned out to be gay so I've always been slightly paranoid that a guy is going to switch teams on me. Anyway... I remember that when my hubby said that he loves how I smell (down there), I thought... ok... maybe he's not gay. We recently celebrated 8 years together so... so far so good : )

Anyway... I've been having mittelschmerz "pangs" on BOTH ovaries for I think about 4 days now. No kidding. And they were strong. It's pretty weird that they were on both sides, too. Usually it's just one or the other.

Last month I got a few pangs but not like this. This month, it was to the point where it was almost annoying because it was slightly painful (more like a little "zing" here and there). Nothing unbearable, but if it got any worse I'd have had to have some ibuprofen.

Last month I think I ovulated during the first week of my cycle... it's been like that the last couple of months.

But I did something different this month....  I gave up sugar (at least, the excessive amount I was used to having).

I can't help thinking that has made a huge difference. One reason is this... I've been drinking this special water that is known to help the body quickly remove toxins and bring the body back into balance, and I heard that it isn't nearly as effective, when you add sugar to it. Well, I had been in the really bad habit of adding sugary powdered drink mixes to the water. Like Tang and iced tea. I went through a lot of stress in the last couple of years, and sugar became my drug of choice.

It makes me kind of sick now, to think of how much extra sugar I was consuming on a regular basis... day after day after day, for years, I was ingesting SEVERAL TABLESPOONS of excessive sugar (in the form of sugary drinks)... and wondering why I couldn't still figure out some way to get rid of candida. It's like someone eating a whole cheesecake every day and hoping to wipe out the fat by popping a couple of fat burning pills. It just doesn't work that way. You have to eliminate the SOURCE if you want to see real results.

But I will admit...the only reason I eliminated the source (sugar) was because I was just too busy to get to Costco and pick up more of the sugary iced tea mix I was used to drinking. So, I just made a bunch of tea, with lipton tea bags, and started drinking sugarless iced tea instead.  I found that it gave me a really good buzz, so eventually I just got used to it.  I was drinking iced tea, without sugar, for about a month, and then for the last 2 weeks I was too busy to even make tea, so I just started drinking this special water, with nothing else in it.

Not only did my period last an entire week (instead of the 5 days I've grown used to) but omg.... over the last month, my candida seemed to VANISH.

For years I have struggled with candida, in the form of athlete's foot. I've written about that before. And this is the first time that I've really just had almost no symptoms... for like a month! The water I've been drinking did help the candida to some degree, but nothing was able to TAKE IT AWAY like simply ELIMINATING THE PROBLEM. I am so happy!!!! Now, even if I have one of my usual "trigger foods" I can skip having a reaction, because my body isn't in "overload mode." It's awesome.

I have heard some women report that the water helps them with female issues, and a good friend of mine swears this reversed menopause for her, by about 5 years... actually she may have said 7, I forget. But it was a long time! She had been going through menopause and then when she started drinking the water, it stopped, and she got her periods again, for another 5-7 years.

Anyway, the other thing I wonder is if it really could have the power to unblock fallopian tubes. The reason I wonder this is, I am not used to ovulating on my right side. It is almost always on my left. When I did a hysterosalpingogram a few years ago, to see if anything was blocked, you could see that my right fallopian tube was slightly blocked.  Not completely, but slightly. It took longer for the dye to go through that one, than the other. So I always figured this is why I almost never feel any ovarian "pangs" on my right side.

Anyway, I have heard that there are ways to unblock fallopian tubes. If there is a lot of scarring, believe it or not there are things that have been shown to reverse the damage. And I can't help thinking there is a good chance that this water has reversed some of that damage, because this water has a lot of the same properties as those things that can get rid of scar tissue. Because I don't remember EVER feeling that many pangs in my right ovaries. Like I said, it was almost getting annoying! So I couldn't believe it when I could feel it on my left side, too, on the same day as my right. How many eggs is this body trying to drop on me at once?

Oh and by the way, about a week ago I did the candida spit test, and DIDN'T FLUNK, for the first time. I was so happy to see my spit actually floating in a glob at the top of the glass. After a while a few small "strings" appeared, but... it was MINOR compared to what I've seen in the past. My previous tests I did about 9 months ago looked like a giant jellyfish : D

Anyway... I just had to share that.  Ladies... if I keep mentioning the water and giving up sugar... you know why : )


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